Local tour operator

Local tour operator


About us 

First of all I would like to thank every one for supporting local Tibetan run  agencies to travel Tibet.  We are group of local Tibetan guide who worked with many different travel agencies in China Tibet, most of our staff has experience of more then 10 to 15 year, we  are authentic Tibetan who born in Tibet and have  better knowledge about Tibetan  place,  people, religion,culture and history, many of our forgein friend who traveled with us know better about our service.

We plan tour according to the ideas of our traveler and give better suggestion about where to visit in Tibet, as  many traveler has less time in Tibet and want to explore more about Tibet, therefor our tours are design to pass through smaller Tibetan villages and we utilize their services.  By working with Tibetan owned hotels, family run guesthouses, restaurants and handicraft shops we can promote local economic growth and  provide better Tibetan experience to our client.  Our team members  are born in Tibet and we are knowledgable on our Tibetan history, landscape and culture because our knowledges are been passed from generation to generation by our ancestors,  there for we assure that you will get best of best experience with us.

All our tour guide Speak three different languages Tibetan, Chines and English, they are well experience local guide and expert in leading tours around the Tibet, they  know how to deal with high altitude problems, as well as they are trained to deal with altitude problems  if they face any one, we provide different types of tour in tibet and let our client feel the authentic experience and make unique Tibet adventures and give our client a real taste of Tibet.  We are able to make your trip as authentic and flexible as possible, whenever they need to change we will try our best to make it possible and best of the best.

We will be very happy to serve you and we will make your tour as authentic as possible.

Travelers must read the terms and condition before booking the tour

Terms & conditions

Travel Agreement for travelers who go to the Tibet Autonomous Region

All foreign tourists receiving a permit for the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) through Tibet Experience must read and agree to the clauses provided in this agreement before applying for a permit.

1, Lhasa Tibetan guide can not process permits for: Diplomats, press agents, 

2, You can not deal with a Travel Permit or other necessary documents by yourself. Only Travel Agencies in Tibet (TAR) can deal with these permits and documents.

3, Individual travel inside and outside of Lhasa is an illegal activity.       All travelers inside and outside of Lhasa must be part of a guided tour from Lhasa travel agency.

4, The TAR is NOT a fully opened area. There are some places that are closed to foreigners and even Chinese travelers and also you are not allow to take photo with bridge and police station in Tibet. You must follow local rules and  regulations. Check with our travel agency for the current policies in the areas you want to travel. We will help you to legally enter the areas you desire, if they are possible.

5, All foreign tourists in the Tibet (TAR) must not participate in any activity that would disrupt the peace and prosperity of China Tibet.       Don’t do  anything that destroy the Tibetan way of life and their cultural heritage. You will take full responsibility in accordance with Chinese law for any illegal actions you participate in.

6, Understand that any illegal activities will also bring repercussions on the local agencies you have obtained your permit through.       Please consider how your actions affect not just yourself but the local Tibetan community!

7, We will not hold any responsibility due to policy changes.       Policies may change even after we have all of the documents. We are not responsible for the cost of cancellation, change, or delay due to policy changes.

8, By booking with our company the purchaser acknowledges that travel in Tibetan regions is remote, wilderness in nature, and unpredictable. Given these conditions that are inherent to the region, Lhasa Tibetan guide has no any  responsibility for travel disruption, safety, injury incurred during transportation, and healthcare emergencies.

9, We cannot guarantee refund due to trip cancellations for personal or external reasons (such as late travel, illness, natural disasters, etc…).

10, Our price quotes are based on current prices of all things considered in your trip and are subject to change. We work very hard to provide the cheapest possible price, and if there is a change it is for a very good reason.


By signing this document I state that I fully understand and adhere to the terms above.

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