Lhasa tibetan guide

Lhasa tibetan guide


Information on Tibet Travel Permits

Tibet Travel Permit is the most essential Tibet Entry Documents needed for all the foreign travelers. Tibet Permit or Tibet visa is like a visa to Tibet. The Tibet Tourism Bureau through a locally based Travel agency like us issues it. With different plans for your entry and visiting Tibet, you will receive various types of documents, which is important to meet the joys of your travel in Tibet.

Feel Tibet Tour team would be happy to assist you with the exact information through our online services to our clients. Once your trip to tibet is confirmed with us, travelers need to send us their passport copies in within 3weeks, we will come out with the Tibet Travel Permit. With Tibet permit, which allows the Travelers to enter Tibet and visit Tibet.

Note: Diplomats, Journalists, professional media photographers and Government Officials can’t apply Tibet Permits through the local travel agency; instead they need to apply it through the Tibet Foreign Affairs Office.


From Where do you like to enter Tibet?

First, we will need to know where you are planning to enter Tibet. As there are mainly two routes to enter Tibet. One is from China Mainland and the other from Nepal. As both of these will be required two different types of Visa, the Tibet travelers who are entering Tibet from Nepal need the Tibet Group Visa, the travelers who are entering Tibet from Mainland China need the China visa.

Entry Tibet from Nepal; 

Tibet Group visa is issued for the travelers who are planning to enter Tibet from Nepal side and with this visa you are also allowed to enter Tibet from Mainland. This will be obtained with the help of a local Tibet Travel Agency with an Invitation Letter issued from Tibet Tourism Bureau and, with assistance from a Nepal based agent who will work on the visa within 1 – 5 days according to traveler’s time consideration. Tibet Group Visa is also known as China Group Visa comes out with a separate sheet of an A4 size paper with your personal information (name, sex, nationality, passport number, date of birth and occupation of each member in the traveling group list). With the New Regulation by the ministry of China Foreign Affairs, it is also possible to receive Group Visa even for a single traveler. The dates of entry and exit are precisely recorded in that A4 size Visa and the Maximum period for this Group visa is valid for 30 days. The China Embassy based in Nepal will issue Tibet Group Visa with 2 copies and one you will use it to enter Tibet and the other to depart.

Entry Tibet from Mainland-China: The China visa is also known as the China Individual visa, which is attached to your own passport, just like the other traveling visas in your passport. China visa can obtain for all the foreign travelers from their home-based China Consulate or other cites’ China Embassy, like Hong Kong. This visa is issued with a different category of visa based on traveler’s visa application and the purpose of traveling inside China. 


There are different types of Chinese visas with different rules:

Tourist (L) visa requires no extra documentation and you can send us the copy of your passport and Chinese visa. Business (F) visas require that you provide a letter from your company or school with this visa. Student (X) visas require that you give proof of your enrollment at your place of study, and copy of student ID and letter from your school. Work (Z) visas require that you also send us a copy of your work permit and an official letter from your company. Journalist ( J ) visa, we are not able to arrange the Tibet Travel Permit therefore please contact the foreign affairs office. Resident (D) visas require you to send us a resident card and other documents you obtained with resident visa when you applied. Crew (C) visas require a letter from your company and a copy of crew member ID.

The “L” Category visa is the Tourist visa and where most of the travelers will receive it.

If you are holding the other Category of visa, like Z, F, X or S then please contact us and our services always right there for you.  Click on here http://www.visarite.com/China_Visa_Form.htm/www.visarite.com/China_Visa_Form.htm to get the copy of Chinese visa application form, it’s an English Version. Travel Visa Tip; Tibet Traveller's who are looking forward to visiting Tibet with Chinese visa, then it is best for you. It is advised that begin your plan to visit Tibet while you are in China, not before.

Note: Please do not mention Tibet or any Tibet related name in Chinese visa application. If you mention that, then the China Consulate may refuse to issue the Chinese visa and the whole Chinese visa process will become extremely difficult without an Invitation Letter. Therefore, it is best not to mention a word on your Tibet Travel on the Chinese visa application. Once you applied for chinese visa, we will help you to arrange the Tibet Permit.          

Required: Chinese Visa;  Hard Copy of Tibet Travel Permit for Tibet Travelers Taking Flight to Tibet;

Tibet Travel Permits;

Based on your planned tour with us, we will apply for the Tibet Travel Permits, again Tibet Travel Permits are allowed to use only at the Tourist opened areas in Tibet. But the most part of Tibet Autonomous Regions are closed, such as Mt. Everest Base Camp, Kailash and most of Eastern and Southern Part. For that, we will arrange other documents, like the Alien’s Travel Permits and Military Permits;


Alien’s Travel Permits;

Tibet Travelers who are planning to visit the Unopened Areas, like Mt. Everest Base Camp, Mt. Kailash and …Tibet Odyssey will offer the services of, helping for applying for the Alien’s Travel Permits. It is issued by the Public Security Bureau based in specific Unopened zones like Shigatse, Tsedang, Nyintri (Bayi) and so on…To apply, we need your passports, visas and Tibet Travel Permit. Our Guide will help you with the permission from of the locations. This will take a reasonable amount of time.

Military Permits;

Military Permits are required for Tibet travelers, who are planning to visit the sensitive areas like, border, Mt Kailash, most of the restricted areas in Tibet. This Military Permit will be issued from the Military Affairs Office once the Tibet Travel Permit is approved by the Tibet Tourism Bureau.